Best Water Dispenser for Home

As we all know that our body needs continuous supply of clean and pure drinking water in order to stay in healthy state of affairs. Not drinking enough water can result in dehydration, which can further have very negative effect on our body. Although, most of us are aware about the importance of water, but at the same time, many of us do not drink sufficient water.

A water cooler dispenser is an appliance, which provides us with clean drinking water by push of a button through out the day. These days, most dispensers come with the facility of dispensing both hot as well as cold water. This is a very useful feature, as cold water tastes better and if it is available in a convenient manner, we will be motivated to drink more of it. The hot water from a dispenser is hot enough to allow you to make a cup of coffee, green tea or any other hot beverage of your choice.

In last few years, a water dispenser has become a must have appliance for homes around the world. Low price, multiple varieties and regular innovation are few of the reasons, which have caused this sudden surge in demand of water coolers. Below is a list of few of the best selling home water dispensers in the market (Source –,

1) Genuine Joe Water Dispenser  – This water unit will be a perfect addition to your home. It is a  gjoe dispenserfreestanding model, which can dispenser cold, hot, and room temperature water on demand. On the lower end of this unit, you will find a 20-liter cabinet storage space. If you lack space in kitchen, you can utilize this space to store cups, glasses, ready to eat meals or coffee packets. This dispenser is compatible for use with 36 liter water jugs which can be bought from your nearest convenience store. You can get hot water with max temperature of 185 degrees and cold water with minimum temperature of 32.1 degrees. There are very few water dispenser models in market, which can deliver water this cold. This model features an availability indicator light, which lets you know about the current availability of hot and cold water inside the unit.


2) honeywell dispenserHoneywell HWB1052B2 – This water dispenser gives you the option to control the cold water temperature with an inbuilt adjustable thermostat. This dispenser also dispenses both hot and cold water through two faucets. For child safety, the hot water levers are equipped with a child safety locks. This feature is very useful, as it prevents kids from operating the hot water faucet on their own. The removable drip tray prevents water from spilling on the floor. As per your requirement, you can load 3 to 5 gallon water bottles in to this unit. The 85 watt dispenser inside this unit works in quiet mode and is capable enough to provide of cold drinking water for your family round the clock.




3) Clover B7a – The Clover B7a comes with a superior design which provides resistance from UV clover b7adegradation. It has an adjustable thermostat which allows you to control cold water temper
ature between 35.6 degree to 53.6 degree Fahrenheit. The ABS drip tray can be easily removed for cleaning and washing purpose. This hot and cold dispenser comes with food grade stainless steel tanks. These tanks help in preserving the quality of water.




Why buying a Portable Ice-maker is a good investment

portable ice maker image Everyone loves entertaining their guest, as it is one of the most satisfying thing you can do as a home maker. On the other hand, any goof up, or things not working as per plan can be very dissatisfying. People who are passionate about having house parties or having loved ones invited for dinner, do a lot of preparation in advance so that everything go as per plan. With so many things to look in to before guest arrives, it is not uncommon for people to forget about the ice.

To ensure availability of ice during house party or dinner, we buy packets of ice from convenience store, or stuff it inside freezer. Although, buying ice packets from market is a very popular practice around the world, but it is nothing more than a temporary solution for organizing parties and dinners at home. There is always a chance of running out of ice before the party gets over. The kitchen could get bit messy with so many people getting in and out of kitchen to get the ice from the freezer.

The best solution for this problem is to have a portable icemaker, which can provide you with plenty of ice on demand. Portable icemaker offer numerous benefits, some of them are –


1) The ice from this appliance is big in size and crystal clear to look at. Earlier, ice cubes use to come in small sizes only, but now, people like to have big sized ice cubes in their drink. On your next visit to your favorite bar, notice the size and shape of ice that bartender puts on your drink. The logic behind having larger ice cube is that, the smaller cubes melt faster and makes your drink watery very soon. Apart from melting down quickly, the cubes from traditional ice trays also add a different flavor to drink, because of excessive oxygen and other impurities. An ice cube maker can produce ice cubes of different shape and sizes as per your preference.


2) Although, we never mind buying ice packets whenever we are out buying groceries from nearest convenience store. But, what if we run out of ice when there are guest in our house. By having an ice make at home you will have continuous supply of ice cubes. As per your requirement you can choose from different varieties of icemaker from different manufacturers. You have the option to choose from models, which can produce from 12 lbs to up to 60 lbs of ice evey day.

Best Ice Maker Review Video


Having a good quality icemaker during a party ensure that, you won’t have to go out of house to buy ice from convenience store.



3) More space– When you have this appliance, you will not be required to store ice tray in freezer and will have ample space to store other important stuff. The icemakers are portable and small in size and they occupy very less space in your kitchen.


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